Virtual workplace acclimatization

Saturday, December 27, 2008
So probably the most daunting part about transitioning to my new job is carving out a space that I can feel at home in and do my best work. I am anxious to get my move on so to speak, but due to the holiday - I kind of need to wait. In the meantime I have played around with some free floor planning software, which has a 3d tool so I can design what seems like a good plan and try to acclimatize myself through the virtual medium. I am pleased to discover based on the dimensions and my configuring that I can probably set up my office in such a way as to include both the gargantuous L shaped desk (that I think is probably stuck in the office for life) and my treadmill desk without it feeling too cramped. I am thinking of ways to insulate the undercarriage of my treadmill so that the person whose office is directly below mine and the one whose office is adjacent to mine won't be completely irritated and bothered by my quirky idiosyncrasies. I hope to have three distinct work spaces -- sit down desk, tread desk, and side table for working one-on-one with students. I am hoping that my arrival will model the myriad of environments that one can seamlessly work between.
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