Steadiness of purpose

Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Thanks to my dear friend S and my sweet brother R, I am reminded to begin to think and engage in that age old tradition of making a resolution or two for the coming year.  Real Simple magazine (January 2009) suggests that rather than committing to do something (eat better, exercise more, stress less, etc.) that we should commit to NOT doing something (being consumed by things we cannot control, worry, obsess over our bodies, etc.)  So in that vein, I am working both sides of the resolution coin so to speak.  I looked up the etymology of the word resolution (I've resolved to let my inner geekdom shine forth in 2009) and settled on the following from which to guide my thinking: "Determination; firmness or steadiness of purpose; confidence; conviction, certainty, positive knowledge" (source: OED ).  I resolve to continue my sabbatical habits of moving while I work, which will allow me to be a positive force at work and at home.  I am resolving NOT to concern myself with the water that has already passed under the bridge.  I am also resolving to embrace my new job, responsibilities, surrounds, and co-workers.  I am also resolving NOT to forget where I've been and where I am going - this journey is only just beginning.


Shannon said...

I loved that Real Simple article! And the one on the back page listing the resolutions we couldn't help but keep (snooze button, anyone?)