5:30am wake up call

Thursday, December 25, 2008
So when the kids said they were getting up REALLY EARLY they weren't kidding.  Lucky for me - I didn't hear them at all and once B heard them he told them to go downstairs and fall back asleep.  When I woke around 7ish, B was asleep and to my surprise both boys were crashed on the couches near the fireplace.  They slept for another good half hour.  By 8:30 they had discovered their big gifts by accident -- we didn't hide them very well and they were upstairs playing pool together (with their new pool cues that they had opened on Christmas Eve) when they noticed their big gifts.  We had: 1) not accounted for new pool cues from G'pa the night before, 2) that they would be anywhere besides right next to the gift laden tree, and 3) that you could see the big gifts if you were patiently sitting on a stool waiting for your turn in pool.  As it turns out is was a blessing in disguise.  While we waited for G'pa to come over after church, B and G'ma watched a movie, and I got the sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes started.  The big gifts kept the boys occupied until we were all assembled and ready to do the stockings and the tree. It was a quiet day that is now being put to rest with a few miles on the treadmill desk, listening to some new Christmas songs, and watching the boys ACTIVELY play Mario Smash Brothers for the Wii.  I'm going to head in to my new office tomorrow to take it all in and start playing around with a good layout.  With two windows in the opposite corner from the door, I have to figure out a way to capitalize on an office with natural light (the first time in 16 1/2 years) and views, while facing the door.  I hate having my back to the door and with a ginormous L shaped desk, I am somewhat limited in where the desk can go so my creativity is going to have to kick it in to high gear.  I am so excited to start my new job with awesome co-workers who have similar passions and energy for student learning.


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