Half-way through the Holiday stretch

Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Yippee! Today marks the half-way point (for those of us that are keeping track) of the holiday stretch (Halloween to Valentine's Day).  I feel a renewed sense of energy and will power knowing that, like winter solstice, I have survived to the point at which it becomes easier (fewer candy and food gorge days and longer daylight hours).  I think the holiday stretch is equally challenging because we have to endure the urge to hibernate beneath huge fleecy blankets, add to our fat stores, and sleep the weeks away.   The treadmill desk has certainly done its part to keep the part of me who enjoys summer days, hiking, fruit salads, fresh vegetables awake.  I have raised enough curiosity with my new colleagues and neighbors in the administration building (see last post) that I think I will at least be able to bring the treadmill desk in on a trial basis.  My new office is quite a bit bigger  as compared to where I have been, so I am eager to get in and make it my own living-working-life balance laboratory.  As soon as I begin the set-up I will post pictures to detail my progress.