Monday, December 22, 2008
Well now that I have formalized my brief stop at a career crossroads, I am excited to announce that effective January 1, 2009, I will trade in my tape cutting scissors and ortho exams for new responsibilities as the newly appointed Director of Academic Resources.  For those of you that know me, this is just the perfect amount of stretch and challenge -- as I explained to my 11 yo, rather than being responsible for student-athletes' physical health, I will be responsible for students' academic health.  This is a formidable challenge and an exciting new venture.  I have to admit that shortly after the Dean and Provost pitched the position to me - one of my first thoughts was "hmmmm, I wonder if they will let me bring along my treadmill desk."  Since we are quite deep in snow - and likely won't thaw out too soon - figuring out how to move Treadmill Desk 3.0 into the administration building is not something I yet have to entertain.  I am reminded however that just as the treadmill desk had a legitimate place in my soon-to-be-former position, it also has a place in my soon-to-be-new position in that it is a perfect demonstration of how kinesthetic learners can keep one part of their brains busy (by walking) while the other parts go to work on reading, writing, figuring, exploring, applying, experimenting, etc.  I am excited to model this type of learning preference accommodation.  So just when I thought this journey was coming to an end, I am excited that it is just taking a hard right turning and getting started all over again.
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Shannon said...

Good luck as you start your new journey.