Kicking off Monday in foggy style

Monday, December 1, 2008
As I do a quick warm up on the tread desk, I thought I would update my progress report (see right column) and my map.  I am so close to Rimmy Jims, which marks my original goals.  Clearly, with 50+ days to go until my sabbatical is over I will easily surpass the 390 mile mark.  In fact, I will do it this morning when I once again hit the asphalt with friend K for a walkabout town and a cup of joe.  It is a crazy foggy morning, but I find myself filled with satisfaction, happiness, and a huge sense of accomplishment.  We decorated the house yesterday to prepare for a month-long celebration of the Christmas season.  I feel that I have arrived at a point where the daily ins and outs of life are no longer stressful, but welcomed - where the future is filled with potential and the days with good memories.  Happy walking everyone!


Shannon said...

Wow, Bu... it sounds like you need a new baby or a teenager. :)
jk - I am just jealous because I am not as physically fit or as calm as you are.

Juli said...

I need neither -- We will see how calm and collected I am when I have to return to work in 48 days (not that anyone is counting...)