2 down, 2 to go

Sunday, November 30, 2008
Of the holidays during the holiday stretch (Halloween to Valentine's Day), I think Thanksgiving is the hardest to survive successfully.  Not only is the house often filled with fun-loving relatives (who might or might not want to join in your exercise routine), but the day is also food-centric.  The combination (family, friends, and fun instead of exercise + ridiculously huge meals) can easily derail even the best laid plans.  As a result I decided to let the chips fall where they may and didn't track my weight as closely as I have.  Last night B and I enjoyed an amazing dinner with his family at the chef's table, which was actually in the kitchen, at the local swanky hotel.  It was a seven course meal (complete with 7 glasses of wine) and I was sure that scallops, lobster, duck, Kobe steak, sorbet, lamb, and dessert would serve as next week's motivation to reaffirm my exercise intentions.  It was fantastic and what was absolutely amazing was that while I was pleasantly satiated, I was not nasty full.  The portions were perfect.  So when I emerged this morning from a week long buffet and a much reduced exercise routine, I was pleased to discover that I had pretty much stayed the course on all fronts.  I think my new regime has also reigned in my eating-out-of-boredom in a positive way.  Since beginning this experiment, I have noticed that I eat only when I am hungry and often I am not crazy hungry -- I think walking has replaced the boredom that brought on eating -- particularly over weekends or long holidays.  I am excited to launch in to week nine tomorrow morning!