5500 calories !?!???!

Thursday, November 27, 2008
After reading that the average American eats approximately 5500 calories on Thanksgiving day, and after preparing the caramelized onion + apple + bread stuffing , garlic mashed , and sweet potatoes casserole, and after starting my father-in-law's Christmas present on ArtsCow, I jumped up on the treadmill desk to get some personal work done while watching the end of the Macy's T-Day parade and the beginning of the Purina National Dog Show.  As I write this blog I am reminded of how thankful I am for the many blessing in my life: my faith, my loving family, my good friends, a good job, improving health and fitness, a warm house, and many unique gifts and talents.  I hope as you surf the web today you have time to reflect on the many blessings in your life (no matter how few or how many) and that you take an opportunity to reassess the things you can do in the coming year to provide blessings for others.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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