Medication Macala

Wednesday, November 26, 2008
So after 58 continuous days of exercise, I finally found myself taking a break from the treadmill desk after a long day of moving my mother-in-law into her new apartment yesterday.  I was once again reminded of the importance of preventative health as I sat at the table in her new apartment sorting through a myriad of medications.  The ginormous daily pill boxes my brother-in-law purchased provided the perfect sorting tool and a walk back into elementary school memories as I dropped pill after pill in to the little compartments -- it was a bit like playing macala -- but rather than brightly colored legumes to use as my game pieces I found myself playing with oddly shaped, brightly colored, and helpfully labeled tablets and capsules.  Medication macala.  It took my more than an hour to sort the 20 some medications across the morning and evening med boxes (checking and double checking) and provided a great opportunity to remind myself about the importance of keeping up my treadmill desk and 39 push-up routine on a DAILY basis for the rest of my life. Although I did not feel anxious about missing yesterday (as I might have weeks earlier or with previous routines), I was happy to find time today to jump back on the tread.