Advertisers beware

Thursday, December 4, 2008
For whatever reason my blog has recently attracted the attention of advertisers who are hoping to make a quick buck with free web space.  I am of the mindset that my blog isn't the place for treadmill advertisements.  In fact, I would recommend the opposite for folks that are curious about whether a treadmill desk is right for them.  I would suggest if you are investigating this as a possible activity for your home or professional office that you look for a cheap treadmill either on Craigslist or in your local paper or better yet borrow one from a friend.  The combined cost for the TWO treadmills I have is LESS THAN $200.  The apparati to transform them in to desks came from scraps in my garage.  You do not need to spend in excess of $2000 (advertiser #1) or $479 plus shipping from the UK (advertiser #2) to make this work for you.  If you are an advertiser - beware - I will either delete your comment or suggest workarounds for my readers.