T minus 2396.2 steps

Thursday, November 13, 2008
Wow! I am really close. I have to say that the idea of 1,000,000 steps seemed lofty at first, but thanks to my Excel tracking sheet, I am able to set realistic goals, and track the speed at which I am closing in on said goals. I have been using Excel since the beginning of this project to track mileage, steps, calories, weight, girth measurement, and body fat %. For awhile I was also tracking what I was eating, but once I got my boredom eating under control I have let that piece go - no sense tracking stuff you no longer need to track. My adding in a today's date formula (today()), I have been able to calculate how quickly I would be able to walk a million steps, 500 miles, etc. The motivation that I get each day when I enter in my daily numbers is quite empowering. I have also learned that looking at different variables in the smallest denominator has helped. So miles in steps, hours in seconds, weight in body fat % points. In the time that it has taken me to write this post I have covered close to 400 steps -- so really the title should be 1994.2, 1993.2, 1992.2...