1M down, 2M on the horizon

Friday, November 14, 2008
I was originally going to take today off.  Like a personal day at work, so to speak.  It wasn't exactly planned; but, between cleaning out the garage with my husband, giving a midday presentation, and shopping for a weekend chalk full of baby showers, it seemed fairly unlikely that I was going to have any "desk time."  But after mowing the lawn, running out for dinner, and jumping in the hot tub - my body was telling me something different.  I think the best description was that my legs felt like what a dog must feel like after his or her owner has been away all day , I needed to get up for a walk.  So walking I am.  I will probably load up a Netflix movie, rather than doing any real work, and so in the end it will be just as I imagined - a personal day.   I have noticed that my legs seem to have received the most benefit from my late-in-the-day walks.  As a long time RLS patient, I have tried nearly every drug on the market - with good, crappy, and mixed results.  I am currently on a dermapatch that works great.  But sometimes I forget to trade it out and then I am left to manage my symptoms overnight with a less potent option.  However, I have noticed that my symptoms are much better than they have been in the past under similar circumstances.  I contribute this to the only thing that has really changed - project treadmill desk.