My Goodwill shirt

Wednesday, November 12, 2008
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So here is a confession - I LOVE shopping at Goodwill.  For awhile it freaked out my husband (what would people think), but when he realized that I could regularly purchase 3 pairs of jeans and two shirts for under $12 -- his freakiness diminished. It has been super helpful to have a great Goodwill in our little college town - particularly since my weight has fluctuated nearly 40 lbs in the last four years.  A few months ago I bought a fun, Columbia brand shirt (hence the X on the tag, which equals name brand, which means no additional discount).  Unfortunately, when I got home, I was busting out of it -- literally.  I sadly put it in the end of my closet that is reserved for stuff that needs to go to the consignment store.  But life got busy, I didn't get to the consignment store and lo and behold this morning, I got adventurous and tried the shirt on again.  Project Treadmill Desk strikes again!  Not only have I lost 11.5 pounds, but I have also lost a little more than an inch in my chest -- just enough to go from "busting out" to a nice tailored fit.  While this might seem like a small thing, when you look good and feel good, it is quite amazing how everything seems good - despite dreary weather  and disappearing sabbatical days.  If you are still debating whether a similar program is right for you let me once again assure you that when you look great and feel great chances are very high that you are great!