Forty-nine days of fun fitness

Monday, November 10, 2008
This morning, I greeting the beginning of week eight by frantically finding a pair of jeans and a warm sweatshirt so that I would be ready to go walking with a friend right after sending the kids to the bus.  It was fun to feel the change in myself physically and emotionally as we traipsed along our 5.44 mile course (stopping midway for Starbucks).  We carried on a great conversation while keeping up a good clip.  I'm not sure if I would have been able to walk as fast or as far while talking as we did today.  This experience, coupled with my continued progress in several important health variables has strengthened by resolve to walk straight through the winter doldrums and avoid (probably for the first time in the last many years) adding on any "hibernation" weight.  I have updated my blog template, my Route Tracker map, and my health variables.  By Thursday I hope to have walked across the 1,000,000 step threshold.  My unswerving enthusiasm and motivations have inspired me to challenge my other soon-to-be-40 friends to join me in a year-long birthday celebration to good health.