Clean out the turkey

Thursday, November 6, 2008
In just a bit more than 10 weeks, I will be returning to my full time job.  I think about returning to work, like I think about Thanksgiving dinner -- neither excite me, but when they arrive I will rise to the occasion.  As Thanksgiving rolls closer, I am reminded of a strategy that I have employed in the past - those great articles in Sunset magazine or Rachel Ray that give you a timeline of sorts (2 weeks in advance - buy turkey, 1 week in advance - thaw turkey, etc.).  I think I can employee a similar strategy for a healthy return to my job.   I feel like I have made great gains physically (actually more losses than gains), emotionally, and professionally.  I am hoping to maintain the momentum right up until Jan. 19 - so I can return much like the anticipation of a Thanksgiving turkey -- with a feeling of satisfaction (for a job well done), satiety, and sanity, which will hopefully propel me through the spring semester.  To that end, I am beginning a timeline of activities that I hope to accomplish in preparation for my return - some are related to my goals set forth at the beginning of this project and some are not.  Feel free to make suggestions in the comments.
  1. 10 weeks out - adapt, begin employment, and finalize GTD (get things done) system for RTW (return to work) 
  2. 9 weeks out - meet with big boss, finalize syllabi, order textbooks
  3. 8 weeks out - order holiday cards
  4. 7 weeks out - give thanks and enjoy Thanksgiving
  5. 6 weeks out - prep house for house tour, send out holiday cards
  6. 5 weeks out - do Christmas shopping
  7. 4 weeks out - make list of things that will need to return to work with me
  8. 3 weeks out - savor the season
  9. 2 weeks out - pack return boxes
  10. 7 days out - find "knock 'em dead" outfit for first day of school
  11. 6 days out - ???
  12. 5 days out - ???
  13. 4 days out - ???
  14. 3 days out - ???
  15. 2 days out - ???
  16. 1 day out - lay out "knock 'em dead" outfit for work tomorrow