Treadmill Desk 3.0

Monday, November 17, 2008
So here is my Treadmill Desk 3.0 - the model I will take to work and with which I will make all my co-workers jealous. It was easier than 1.0 or 2.0 (see earlier posts 9/29 & 10/13) due to the parallel-to-the-ground handlebars. I was able to easily bungee the white shelf board in place. I used an old over-the-sink shelf (clamped in place) and a piece of plexiglass to create a second floating shelf for my laptop. It is a smaller and much quieter unit than the 595le, so will fit better in to my expected use of it at work. In the interim (between now and when I return to work), I will use the ProForm 420.  Hopefully my excitement about my new tread won't overshadow the great progress I continue to make - losing 10.5 lbs. and 8.5".  I have updated my progress report in the right column and will add additional pictures tomorrow.
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