Chainsawin', Wood Haulin', & Treadmillin'

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
What I have happily figured out is that my treadmill desk addiction has become so ingrained in my daily bodily needs, that even though I spent an hour this morning learning to use a chainsaw (thanks K) and another hour or so safely and properly wielding said chainsaw, and then a bit more time tossing about the "rounds" that I made quick work of with my new friend, Mr. Chain, followed by a walk with a friend, shopping with my mother-in-law, a few hours as a spectator of various grades of schoolboy basketball, and a minor computer meltdown at our house -- even after all that, after the dust settled, the kids were asleep, and I had brushed off most of the wood chips, I jumped up on to the treadmill desk to check email, watch some tele, and write this post. I also have discovered that my daily use of the treadmill desk has enabled me to work stronger, longer, and more efficiently. While the chainsaw wasn't especially heavy, it was awkward. While the walk wasn't long, it followed a morning of hard labor. I felt strong, empowered, healthy, in shape, and ready to tackle whatever life might toss at me - be it mother-in-laws, basketball spectating, or computer meltdowns. While I half expected to jump on the tread to burn some residual stress, what I noticed was that my routine has strengthened my resolve in so many areas of my life.
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