50%, 55%, 71%, 80%, 91%, 100%

Thursday, November 20, 2008
As a child of a mathematician, I have always been fascinated with numbers and statistics, so as mentioned in an earlier post I track any and every variable I can.  So today marks the half way point (50%) of this journey from 9/22/08 to 01/19/09 -- from the day I fell in love with my treadmill desk and the day that I take it with me on my next adventure.  Today also marks 55% complete on my goal of 2,000,000 steps and 71% complete on my 500 mile goal.  I think goal setting, particularly if you are a person who likes to watch fundraiser thermometers get colored red, is a great way to motivate yourself.  When I started on this adventure I didn't really plan on tracking steps or seconds, but since then I have and each goal (no matter how mundane) serves as a small milestone along the longer path.  Today marked 80% completion of my 1,000,000 second goal and 91% complete of my original 390 mile goal.  And while I have plateaued a bit in other goals (mainly weight loss - currently stuck at 10 lbs loss), the little goals continue to feed the piece in me that likes to watch the numbers change and likes to color the thermometer in red.  Finally, today marks 100% completion of my 39th year and a bright outlook as I charge headlong in to #40.