Television & Treadmilling

Wednesday, October 8, 2008
I've set up my treadmill desk to face the television. I've found that I can walk off several miles while watching my favorite shows. I have also found that if I am tired and don't want to walk, watching a show or the news takes my mind off of either my tiredness or my boredom and once I am a few minutes in to it the stress, tiredness, and boredom melt away. Being on sabbatical, I was worried that I might just sit hours on end in front of my computer - and with such a scenario - I might eat out of boredom rather than out of necessity. Walking on the treadmill when I am in front of the computer or television not only lessens the body boredom, but also makes it nearly impossible to engage in mindless eating. I have actually discovered that I am eating only when I am hungry and that it is purposeful. Today is day #16 and by the end of this current session, I will have walked more than 100 miles!