Ta-da & the 1st dress rehearsal

Thursday, December 11, 2008
Last night as I was updating my tracking spread sheet, I realized that I would cross the 1M second mark in the last minutes of my evening desk work.  So rather than finishing last night, I cut my workout 1 second short of the milestone so that the very second I stepped on to my treadmill desk today I would have accomplished something great!  I wasn't sure how I would feel, but as I pushed the speed button and listened to the beeps as the treadmill ramped up and watched the first second tick off, I felt a rush of adrenaline.  1,000,000 seconds.  Dang that is a lot of work and workout.  277.77 hours of walking.  Although I have only put in one 8+ hour day, I anticipate that with my return to work in January that the second million might come more quickly.  Since, I have an appointment this morning at 9am (the same time I will start teaching in January), I thought I would run a dress rehearsal this morning and see how my mileage might be on a average day.  I had planned to get on the tread by 7:45am (see earlier posts), but didn't get on until a little before 8am. Since I have to drive to my appointment, rather than walk across campus, I will have to jump off a bit earlier than I will when I return to campus.  My plan is to be working at the treadmill desk when I am not at an appointment, lunch, or afternoon meeting.  This should be pretty close to what an average day will look like when I return to work.  I will report the mileage in a post later this week.