More on ergonomics

Wednesday, October 22, 2008
I'm back to the drawing board, literally, in that I am once again working out the bugs as I work toward perfect 'puter gadget positioning for someone of my height - 64".  While I have been able to find many sites about the best ergonomical positions for sitting posture, diagrams illustrating good standing desk posture are a bit more illusive.  I did find an excellent website at Cornell University that guides you through proper positioning.  I figure the only difference is what is happening below my waist.  So I am experimenting with a floating negative tilt keyboard tray.  I have attached it to the bottom of my lower desk section with four little ropes that I can adjust until I find the perfect height.  I still have my mouse on the main desk, but will play around with whether it needs adjusting as well.  Right now the keyboard is not actually visible, as it sits below the desk, but I think with a cutout and a plexiglass overlay (yep - I actually have spare plexiglass laying about from a craft project from a few years back) it will all work seamlessly.  This new design also allows me to postion my mouse just about anywhere - including dead center of the keyboard.  I read on the Cornell site that the closer to your midline the better and the more akin to normal hand carrying angle the better, so I have wedged the mouse pad so that my hand rest on the mouse just as it would without the mouse.  I am going to try this new design for a few days and then I will report how it is going.