Project Treadmill Desk - Day 8

Monday, September 29, 2008
So today is day 8 - actually day 7 of walking - but day 8 since I began.   A colleague sent me, I think as a joke, the New York Times article about treadmill desks .  Feeling particularly bored or industrious (you decide), I built a treadmill desk of my own.  After clamping a shelf board to my treadmill handlebars and feeding the cords of all my gadgets through the cup holders, I was up and walking.  Since then I have walked 39.5 miles @ 1.2 mph.  On average I have walked for 4.36 hours per day, covered 5.65 miles, and burnt 661.83 calories.  In the first week I have lost 5 pounds and find myself being much better about drinking water than I ever have in the past.  So here's to week 2 -- off and walking!