50 miles down, 340 to go

Tuesday, September 30, 2008
So more today on my motivations.  Other than just trying it out, I am working toward four other goals.  First - to celebrate my upcoming 39th birthday - I am hoping to walk 390 miles before I return to work in January (I am currently on sabbatical).  Second - in my oldest child's 11th year - I am hoping to lose the "baby weight" that has accumulated since his birth.  While I don't have a concrete goal on this front, I know that I will feel better and healthier in the coming year.  Third - as a longtime sufferer of Restless Legs Syndrome - I am experimenting with non-drug interventions to see if I can decrease the symptoms of this condition.  And fourth - being on sabbatical until January - I wanted an activity that would allow me to keep my focus on the projects I am hoping to complete during this semester.  

Thus far I am doing fairly well.  I have walked 50.63 miles, lost 6 pounds, lost a collective 3 inches, rated my sleeping as better, and felt far more focused than the time prior to taking on this challenge.