Still treading along

Monday, May 18, 2009
When your older brother starts pestering you for updates on your blog, you know it is time for a quick update.  So here it is:
I am still using my treadmill desk for at least part of every day.
Sometimes that means less than 9 minutes; sometimes that means more than 6 hours.
My use of the treadmill desk continues to create smiles (from those that arrive to my office), confusion (from those who can only see the top part of me from the sidewalk below my office window), and productivity (from me.)
While I have been too busy to blog, I have continued to keep track of all my mileage, time, caloric burn, etc.  So since my last blogging here is what I've done:
Over the course of 52 hours, I've walked 72.9 miles, and burned more than 15,000 calories.
In that same period of time I have watched 23 Little League games, attended 3 award dinners/desserts, given one public presentation, cleaned my office, met with a gazillion students, and cut my hair.

So while life has been crazy busy - my time on the treadmill desk has helped keep my keel even.

Happy treading all!


Shannon said...

Welcome back to blogland! I've missed you! And I'd love to see a picture of your hair...