As mundane, expected, or drab as any other office furniture

Monday, January 19, 2009
It really didn't strike me until today, that not once during the 3.5 hours of academic advising on Friday did one of my advisees make mention of the fact that I had a treadmill in my office.  In their defense I was not aboard the tread when they arrived.  This coupled by perhaps the anxiety, excitement, or both of registering for their first term at our college, it is understandable that they had other things on their minds. The oddity of their lack of response versus the students who I have encountered since then has reinforced my decision to bring the tread to work in the first place.  I was greeted with big smiles, a few whatthe*%#&, and one wave (from the outside sidewalk below).  One of my bosses dropped in and told me to keep walking as though this would be commonplace -- me walking while we discussed registration, orientation, communication, or one of the other -tions.  I chose not to keep walking, but in the future, I just might.  It will be interesting, as the student interactions are increasing with their return to school,  to see the continued response (or lack of response).  Regardless, I think it is fair to say that the tread is here to stay - to brighten someone's day, make someone stop and take a second look, or just consider how they might think differently.