Happy Birthday to Me

Sunday, November 2, 2008
Actually my birthday is still a ways a way and more importantly for the purpose of this post, my 40th birthday is quite a ways away. However, I have decided to give myself a year-long birthday present in my 40th year by walking the distance of Highway 40 (see graphic at top of right column) - on a quest for continued improved fitness, better health, good eating habits, and a strong body. I found a great tracking website at MSN Health Vault's Route Tracker.  As a visual learner (see my learning preference inventory), I find that the added graphical interface serves as an additional motivation.  If any of my regular followers or loyal readers would like to join me on this route, please drop me an email or leave me your email in the comments section.

(post note: If you decide to join me on this adventure, I will spot the the number of miles I have walked at the time you join.)