Workplace wellness

Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Yesterday I had a most enjoyable session with one of the salespersons at Core Health to explore the tools in the Core XL program for managing workplace wellness.  Each winter I run my employer's workplace wellness program appropriately titled the Great Fitness Challenge.  Unfortunately for me, the administrative load to run a wellness challenge for 100 of my closest colleagues usually throws my personal health and fitness in the crapper.   Instead of tracking my own activity levels and behavioral changes, I end up tracking the changes of my colleagues.  The Core Health program automates most of the things I do my hand and would enable me to be a better colleague, a healthier colleague, and a more engaged colleague. I can only hope the powers that be see the cost (~$30/employee) as a great investment. The best thing about the demo with Core Health was that I spent the entire demo on my tread with no ill effects and no "Hey what's that weird hum in the background?"  If you are employed, I would love to hear what your employer provides in terms of workplace wellness programs.