Airport Perimeters, Sunrise, and the Library walk

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was nervous about how I would keep up my momentum once I arrived down south to provide reinforcements for my mom, who is nursing my dad back to health after a nasty knee injury. I was lucky enough to walk 2.6 miles at the airport (from concourse c, to the end of b, to the end of a, back to the end of c, down to the end of d, to the Starbucks, and then back to my next gate at d). Thanks to google pedometer I was able to zoom in on the airport via satellite and trace my course.

Last night, I confidently said to my parents that I was going to jump out of bed and take a walk. When the garbage truck and sprinklers woke me up, the last thing I wanted to do was "go for a walk." I fell back asleep. About a half hour later I woke up again and this time did get out of bed. I walked for almost 50 minutes - covering about 3.5 miles. I took three shorter and slower walks with my 4 yo niece later in the day - one to the library 1.7 miles away (took us 35 minutes), the second from the library to the bus stop (.4 miles away, 10 minute), and the third from the bus stop back to the parents' house (.3 miles, 10 minutes). I feel good about my ability to keep up my progress and wonder how I can use this experience, particularly the airport walking in the future.